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411 We Buy Homes
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Types of Solutions We Can Offer You

Types of Solutions We Can Offer You
We can take over your troublesome payments and give you immediate debt relief...
with many options and plans for you to decide what is best for you.

We can pay CASH in one lump sum for your house. Some people request us to give them several payments for tax reasons or personal reasons. Other people request payment plans so they have monthly or yearly income they can count on. Whatever the seller wants...we will work with the situation. 

Is your home "under water" or the amount owed is more than the current value?
We Can Buy It.

Do you want to sell your home...
or currently selling your home as a short sale?

We Can Buy It.

We can successfully BUY your Short Sale. Remember, the homeowner never pays for our help. There are NO FEES to you for our services.

Do you just simply want us to buy your home quick and easy?
If there is enough equity after marketing and repairs, we can give you one full payment or make several payments to you for your equity.

If your home has no mortgage
We can offer to make payments to you for your equity.
Pay one lump sum. Pay CASH for your equity.

Customize an offer for you
If you must have cash, we can pay some now and some later.
We will work with you to agree on a plan you want and like.

We can even give you a balloon payment when we sell.

We can help customize a "Short Sale Plan". Many people are calling us specialists in this field. Our great success and team effort make it a winning solution.

There are so many other possibilities… Let’s Talk Today!

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