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411 We Buy Homes
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Who We Are

Who We Are
We are a multi-service operation  who has the ability to BUY, REPAIR, MARKET, and SELL HOMES.

In today's market of 2018, don't waste time with Investors, Realtors, and people who will not be able to get results. We know how to help solve any situation you may have.

We work with Sellers who need to sell or want to sell, but do not want to wait 8 to 14 months (or longer) to market and sell...repair and renovate their home...pay real estate commissions...and still wait for an real buyer.

Many people believe that in 2018, homes will be staying up "For Sale" even longer when using standard sales practices. Please do not just stick a sign in the yard and wonder if someone will buy it.  We have many options to offer everyone.

Please do not be fooled by other tactics to just "List" your property "For Sale" and wait, and wait, and wait for a buyer. Then, wait and wait longer for someone to get approved while your house sits with more and more bills piling up every single month.

Then, when more weeks go by you are told not to worry... "it will just take more time"...Yeah Right.  Ask them to make your monthly payments or better yet... ask them to BUY your house. Ooops.  That is something they really don't want to hear. It's not "their" problem.  It is "your" problem. And that is the real truth that some people do not want you to think about.

We are NOT like everyone else.

It just does NOT have to be that way. All you want is to be out of the situation and be free of the debt. Right?  We may be the answer to all the problems.

                FAST  -  FAIR  -  SIMPLE.   DONE !

We want to help and always try to do what is best for the homeowner.

The clock is ticking away.   Please Contact Us Soon.

We are always looking to buy houses each and every month.
Many of these homes we fix and keep ... or we may sell in the future.

If we do not buy them immediately for us... it is great to know we have a large selection of ready and willing buyers looking for the perfect home.

We work with cash buyers and qualified buyers who we can move into the property quickly. Some before they complete the tedious loan application and loan processing delays.

We work with all types of buyers and situations. Some may need time to alleviate a shortage of down payment or may need time to solve credit issues. We work with lenders to get them "seasoned", so they can qualify for a new loan and then quickly buy the property.

This gives us a very large pool of tenant/buyers, approved buyers and cash buyers to help our homeowners SELL their homes. We always appreciate our happy customers and friends to allow us to buy and sell their property for them quickly.


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